Steele Wedding-Preview

Cordie and I have been friends since we were  crawling, It was such a thrill to be apart of her and Kyle’s beautiful wedding day.  This sweet couple got married at the ranch that Cordie was raised on.  I loved visiting her house when I was little, it is a building that has so much character  and has a peaceful familiar feeling.  This feeling carried through their entire wedding day, all of the guests looked relaxed, smiled from ear to ear, and took in the beautiful serenity of the day.

Cordie and Kyle got engaged around the same time a year ago on a bowhunting trip together.  I think it’s so refreshing to see a couple that has so many similar interests, they truly are each other’s greatest friends.

The colors and weather were absolutely flawless- along with Cordie and Kyle’s love for each other.   I’m overjoyed for you both- I know you have such a beautiful life ahead of you!




Alex and Jantrey Married:Preview

This mountain top wedding was oh so creative and fun, Alex and Jantrey were smitten about each other and showed their guests a great time.  We had to dodge a few thunderstorms before they said their vows, but in the end the clouds parted ways and we ended up with a flawless evening.

Their fall inspiration was wonderful, complete with an orange and brown color palette, lots of pinecones, and a little western flair.  The aspen leaves at Snow Mountain Ranch just started to change.

These two are off to Hawaii to enjoy their honeymoon, I couldn’t be happier for you guys. Thank you for letting me capture your special day!


Ben and Michell Married: Preview

These two lovebirds got married at the scenic Snow Mountain Ranch outside of Granby, CO.  They met on a blind date set up by good friends, and the rest was history after that.  Their ceremony was so personal and lighthearted, and this duo is one of the sweetest couples I’ve met.  Thank you for such a wonderful event, you guys have a fun future ahead of you!



Myles and Meaghan Married: Preview

This wedding was a real life dream come true. I am so honored and grateful that I got to do Myles and Meaghan’s wedding in Lyons, CO at Meaghan’s parents house.

Meaghan is my best friend’s sister; equally funny, warm, and beautiful.  Myles and Meaghan’s wedding was set in a beautiful canyon valley, complete with a quaint little river, golden light, and decorations straight out of Anthropology. I can’t wait to post more pictures!

Thank you Myles and Meaghan!


Preview: JR and Vanessa’s Wedding

We had some killer exposure, bright sunshine, and a wonderful crowd for  JR and Vanessa’s wedding on top of the Parshall Divide, CO.   The bride and groom were beaming the entire day along with all of their guests. I was truly honored to help capture this event yesterday.

JR and Vanessa got married on top of the Parshall Divide that looks out over Byers Canyon.  This local spot is close to Vanessa’s heart, it’s a place she’s visited since she was little; to gain inspiration and new perspectives.

Congratulations JR and Vanessa, you guys have a wonderful future ahead of you!

Levi and Kaitlyn Oelrich Married

Levi and Kaitlyn got married outside of Kremmling, CO at the infamous Latigo Ranch.  You instantly feel at ease when you arrive at this little slice of paradise, with horses running amuck, a gorgeous view of the valley, and some genuine country hospitality.

Kaitlyn and Levi fit right in to the ambiance of Latigo ranch, their wedding was laid back, heartfelt, and smooth.  I had a wonderful time meeting your family and friends Levi and Kaitlyn.  You guys are a terrific team. Thank you!

Maria and Neal’s Engagement Session

My day was delightful with Maria and Neal at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins,CO; this couple radiates happiness and energy.  Maria is from Russia and met Neal in Breckenridge, CO while they were both working for the winter season.   They now enjoy living outside of Fort Collins, CO where Maria works in the restaurant biz and Neal is a fishing guide.

Maria works at one of the best italian joints in Fort Collins called Pucinella’s Pizzeria…. where she serves up fine wine, delicious pizza, and an contagious smile.   My parents are regulars at this restaurant, and gifted their favorite server with an engagement session for her wedding. Maria is one of my  parents favorite people to visit in Fort Collins, and I must say that they are a fine judge of character:)

I had a great time with you Maria and Neal, congratulations on your beautiful marriage!

Sit Back and Relax

As much as I love traveling, it’s always refreshing to be back in Colorado.

JOIS Yoga NYC Workshop with Sharath and Saraswathi

It has been an honor to help capture JOIS Yoga’s grand opening events this last week.   I’ve really enjoyed learning about the history of Ashtanga yoga and the exceptional Jois family.   The positive influence of the Ashtanga practice is intriguing and very inspiring, all walks of people can benefit from its self healing powers.

Here are some pictures from yesterdays workshop in NYC. The wonderful energy inside the yoga studio was encompassing and very moving, I am so grateful that I got to experience it.

To view more pictures from JOIS Yoga Greenwich and from the NYC workshop go here:

Poetry in Motion

I had so much fun taking these yoga pictures on our latest trip to Costa Rica.  After looking through them, I fell in love with these hands and feet pictures. Simple yet beautiful little details.


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